Jen Waddell       831.345.1093
  • I enjoy helping people to create more space, order, efficiency and harmony in their environment.
    Life gets busy, and sometimes unexpected changes can happen, leaving us in a state of overwhelm
    and chaos.

  • I bring a compassionate, positive, non-judgmental attitude to the table and believe every challenge
    is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

  • Every person, home, and situation is unique, requiring an individualized approach to find the right
    game plan and solutions for each client.

  • I can provide assistance with downsizing, decluttering and clutter management solutions; senior
    relocation, moving preparation, packing and unpacking; paper filing, paper flow management
    solutions, garage and storage cleanouts; pantry overhauls, kids rooms and much more. 

  • Serving Santa Cruz county as well as the surrounding areas.

Fees for services are on a sliding scale of $45 to $75/hr with a 10% discount for a 10hr package.


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