I just finished my 3rd session with Jen and feel so much better after each one! I feel my clutter has been cleared and energy is flowing more easily utilizing things that bring purpose, good function, joy and happiness! :-) it can get depressing knowing you need to clear the clutter and with Jens help its done in no time! she is patient, non judge mental, kind, compassionate during the process.. she also will keep your space in mind when she is shopping and pick items up for you and leave option up to you.. and she will clear/drive the unwanted items to goodwill, grey bears, recycling center etc.. highly recommend Jen especially if you've been procrastinating like me!

Laura Dunn

 Jen Waddell       831.345.1093     Jen@organizemesantacruz.com


I wanted to thank you for helping me organize my garage. What a mess that was! I appreciate your ability to tackle such a large job so quickly. You took a huge load off my shoulders and with great professionalism. I would surely recommend you to anyone in over their head or feeling overwhelmed and look forward to working with you in the future!

Celina Malabey

Jen is an angel, a very hard working angel! I had a walk in closet that I literally could not only not walk in, I could not even step in. I had to step on things to get to anything, and i couldn't find anything. I live in a small studio, and besides having way too many old clothes in there I had to also use it for storage.
For a very reasonable charge she brought everything out for me to sort, packed up 36 large garbage bags, loaded them in her van and took them to be donated and got rid of all the trash.
She then organized what was kept. She worked so hard.
I was so happy to see all the space in there, and everything so organized that I left the closet door open for a couple of days just to look in there. Before I was so ashamed I would never let anybody see it.
You will feel so light and happy if you have Jen help you.